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P-DTR Foundation Course Highlights Module 1 Part 5

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  • Nuclear Bag and Chain Dysfunctions
  • Events
  • Reactor Reactives

Nuclear bag and chain receptors are unique in that they are the only two receptors located inside of the muscle spindle itself. Learn the neurological pathway as well as the proper, opposite, and anti stimulus for each of these receptors. See examples of multiple nuclear bag and chain patterns, including both basic/multi mode as well as hyper mode level dysfunctions.

While classical nuclear bag and chain dysfunctions contain paired receptors between dysfunctional muscle spindle fibers in two separate muscles, Reactor Reactives are a unique type of dysfunction in which the paired bag and chain fibers are actually contained within the same muscle. Learn how to assess for these dysfunctions as well as multiple options for treatment.

Events refer to a collection of multiple types of receptor dysfunctions that are all brought on following a trauma. Learn how to assess for physical, emotional, and chemical events as well as the proper treatment protocol.


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Kimberly Limon
Kimberly Limon
P-DTR Foundation Course Highlights Module 1 Part 5
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