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P-DTR Foundation Course Highlights Module 1 Part 4

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This video doesn’t replace life modules and doesn’t count for certification.

  • Rules of Receptors
  • Rules of Tertiaries
  • Rules of DTR’s

Paramount to the comprehension of P-DTR is an intimate knowledge of the rules of receptors. Understand how the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary receptors are each effected in turn by performing proper, opposite, and anti stimulus to one piece of the dysfunction. Follow along as each rule is demonstrated to make better sense of phenomena that present both during real life and on the treatment table.

While high signal Primary and Secondary receptors follow similar rules, low signal Tertiaries adhere to a different set of rules entirely. Learn how to locate Tertiaries, how they behave, and how they are effected by other parts of a dysfunction.

Deep Tendon Reflexes are performed throughout treatment sessions for various purposes. Learn how to utilize DTR's to differentiate main from virtual Secondaries, take a dysfunction to basic mode, as well as to ultimately treat dysfunctional patterns using P-DTR.


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Kimberly Limon
Kimberly Limon
P-DTR Foundation Course Highlights Module 1 Part 4
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