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P-DTR Foundation Course Highlights Module 1 Part 3

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  • DBL TL and DBL Stimulus
  • Locating Receptor Dysfunctions
  • Qualifying Indicator Muscles
  • Shortcuts to Locating Paired Receptors
  • Determining Paired Receptors

Double TL and Double Stimulus are two tools used to quickly locate Primary receptors. Learn how to utilize each tool, how to perform DBL Stimulus for nuclear bags, nuclear chains, paleos, and neos, as well as common mistakes made during application.

Direct muscle testing plus stimulus, local TL plus stimulus and indicator testing, and UTL plus stimulus and indicator testing are all viable techniques to locate receptor dysfunctions. Learn how to utilize proper, opposite, and anti stimulus with receptors and gain comprehension of how related muscles are effected whether the dysfunction begins in a basic/multi or hyper mode. Gain understanding of the ins and outs of each of these three techniques to quickly assess for aberrant sensory receptors.

Indicator muscle testing is an extremely useful tool that can drastically speed up treatment time. Learn the steps necessary to qualify a valid indicator muscle for dysfunctional patterns to utilize along with local TL and UTL plus stimulus.

Once familiar with the manner in which the various types of stimuli manipulate the afferent signal of a receptor, learning to apply these rules in a more advanced fashion to rapidly locate paired receptors is a logical progression. Gain insight into how to utilize the rules to locate the Primary receptor after first finding the Secondary receptor and vice versa.

After a dysfunctional receptor has been located, determining the paired receptor type should follow shortly thereafter. Learn how to perform two different procedures for determining the proper stimulus of paired receptors, dependent on working off of a known Primary or known Secondary.


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Kimberly Limon
Kimberly Limon
P-DTR Foundation Course Highlights Module 1 Part 3
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