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P-DTR Foundation Course Highlights Module 1 Part 1

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  • Intro to the Nervous System
  • Modes of Dysfunction
  • Outline of Dysfunctional Patterns and Stimuli

In this segment we will cover the structure of the nervous system and the communication between the CNS and PNS. Learn the level at which P-DTR enacts change and how it manipulates sensory receptors to produce more effective motor output and interaction with the external environment.

P-DTR dysfunctions are present in the body beginning with very low level basic mode patterns, eventually escalating to very high level hyper mode patterns. As dysfunctional afferent information increases within a receptor different effects are seen throughout the system. Learn the progression of these modes of dysfunction and how related muscles in the pattern will test as a result.

Understanding the basic building blocks of any P-DTR dysfunction are key to having success with the technique for all topics to come. Learn the characteristics of the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary components of a dysfunction. Gain comprehension of what happens to each of these pieces when proper, opposite, and anti stimulus is applied to receptors and how to utilize these to manipulate afferent information.


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Kimberly Limon
Kimberly Limon
P-DTR Foundation Course Highlights Module 1 Part 1
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