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P-DTR Foundation Course Highlights Module 2 Part 1

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Golgi Tendon Organs are one of the most important neurological structures in the body. They are found in ligaments, tendons, fascia, scars, and the lining of organs alike. They constantly provide the CNS with feedback about information regarding the tension in muscles and connective tissue. The stimulation of GTO’s contributes to regular patterns of locomotion and allows us to thoroughly breakdown the neurology of gait. Learn the neurological pathway as well as the proper, opposite, and anti stimulus for these receptors. See examples of multiple patterns, including both basic/multi mode as well as hyper mode level dysfunctions.

GTO’s hold the key to many protective responses of the body. Cover how GTO’s interact with and modulate muscles, ligaments, and joint capsules. Understand how to readily employ these protective responses to quickly assess for hypertonicity of any muscle in the body.

GTO’s are of two different variants: capsular and non-capsular. These variants each follow their own afferent pathways and as such have unique qualities and behave differently when stimulated. Learn how to manipulate each of these variants and differentiate functional from dysfunctional responses.

Every fiber of a specific ligament is related to a specific muscle. Therefore, every GTO rich ligament has it’s own list of related muscles. This segment will guide you through a complete overview of how to stimulate the major ligaments of the body as well as provide you with their related muscles to assess for dysfunction. This includes the unique presentation of the talus as well as the ever-important ligaments of the spine, posterior and anterior pelvis, hip complex, knee, plantar aspect of the foot, and shoulder complex.

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Kimberly Limon
Kimberly Limon
P-DTR Foundation Course Highlights Module 2 Part 1
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